April 2022 Meetup: Foreign Policy through a Rationality Lens

For this meetup, we’ll be discussing issues related to foreign policy, both in a broad sense (e.g. appropriate frameworks) as well as the current events (particularly the war in Ukraine). Feel free to come whether or not you do any extra reading.

For example, to what degree is it more useful to consider countries themselves as agents with particular goals and subject to particular incentives versus focusing on the politicians, governmental representatives and citizens as the primary agents.

Below are a few different sources of background information (Thanks to Chris Weaver and Brian Kuczynski for many of these!). As usual, we’ll let the conversation flow based on what people focused on and/or found the most interesting, as this is a very broad topic. Or feel free to just show up; no reading necessary.

First, two options for general backgrounds on approaches to foreign policy:

Second, for a more focused discussion: a model of politics (A) and then some examples for applying this to foreign policy (B) (Part of a much longer article on politics):

Third, some information relevant for current events: