July 2021 Meetup: Does Political Discourse Have a Place in the Workplace?

Description: Is there a rational argument for including “political” topics in conversations at work? Or will individuals and/or companies be more productive if they exclude such topics, to the degree that is possible? What role does an individual’s background play in this, since what is considered political versus just your life may not be universal?

One way of getting a variety of perspectives on these questions is to read various articles on (relatively) recent decisions by companies such as Basecamp and Coinbase to essentially ban political discussion at work. Here are a few examples:

* Silicon Valley’s ‘Mission Protocol’ Revolution Is Beginning to Attain Critical Mass


* Companies like Basecamp and Coinbase have tried to ban political discussions at work—experts say it’s not that simple


* Wokeness At Work: Is The Pendulum Swinging Back? Coinbase, Basecamp & Google


* Breaking Camp


* Basecamp Blowup: Banning Politics At Work Prompts Over A Dozen Employees To Quit