June 2021 Meetup: Fair vs Unfair Inequality

The votes were close, but the topic for June meet-up (6/5 @ 2 PM) will be luck egalitarianism, or more broadly the degree to which justice requires compensating people for, or neutralizing the effects of, luck. Is it important to distinguish between inequalities resulting from unchosen circumstances or “brute luck” versus those that come from deliberate effort or life choices?

I think the following is a good reading, though, as he said “[t]he topic of what is ‘fair’ and ‘unfair’ inequality is a perennial one, and I’m sure lots of people have debated it intensely and written about it.”


The meeting will take place on Saturday, June 5 at 2 PM. We’re going to meet in person, to see how that goes, but we’ll also be setting up a laptop with Zoom, if you’d like to connect that way. In the long run, we still need to decide whether we switch back to only in-person meet-ups, whether we also use Zoom, or whether we alternate online and in-person meet-ups.