November Meetup – Degrowth

The next monthly discussion meetup is Saturday, November 4 @ 2 PM. For this meetup, we’ll be discussing degrowth, a proposal to move away from economic growth, in particular as measured by gross domestic product, as the central goal of a healthy economy and society. Some proponents of degrowth emphasize potential benefits such as reducing human’s environmental impact (less growth = less use of resources) or better shaping the economy to improve actual well-being and not just material wealth. Below are some suggested readings, but feel free to come whether you’ve read anything or not.

For an overview (though with a clear perspective) which also points to a variety of sources, see:
Degrowth: We can’t let it happen here! by Noah Smith

For a more academic summary, see Research On Degrowth (Kallis et al. 2018):

Here is an article focusing on the potential environmental benefits:
Can we save the planet by shrinking the economy? By Kelsey Piper

For a more positive take (two links, in case one doesn’t work):
What does degrowth mean? A few points of clarification by J Hickel

Please feel free to come even if you’re worried it will be awkward, you won’t fit in, or you aren’t the “typical person who comes to a Rationality meetup.” We are welcoming (albeit occasionally argumentative)!


Date: Saturday, 11/4 @ 2pm–4pm (roughly)
Location: South Loop Strength & Conditioning – upstairs in the mezzanine
645 S Clark
Chicago IL 60605
Note: Todd owns this gym so that’s why there’s a Rationality meetup at a gym 🙂
If you have trouble finding us, please DM Todd or Shane on the Discord or post in “meetups”. You can also text Shane (608-436-1809).


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