September 2019 Meetup: Free Will

Hey all—by some kind of emergent process, we have self-organized a topic for next meetup: Free Will.

This is a VAST topic with a ton of writings. Any recommendations?

Here are a few possibilities, H/T Shane with an addition by myself:

a) Rationalist: Yukdowski (I’d grab the last few posts):

(b) Rationalist-ish?: Dan Dennett

(c) Libertarian:

• Bryan Caplan:

• Michael Humer:

(d) Moral/Societal implications of

• Determinism (no free will)

• Non-Determinism/Free Will

• Compatibilism (free will and determinism are mutually compatible –”

(e) pragmatism, or, “its not a real question” (William James)

 (from the section “Let me take up another well-worn controversy, THE FREE-WILL PROBLEM”)

I would also like to strongly urge anyone who takes this topic seriously to begin with a definition of “free will” and criteria by which the question can be answered, “do we have free will?”. If anybody knows of any writing that deals with *THAT* aspect please let me know!