September 2022 Meetup: Rationality Gesamtkunstwerk and Community

We will be having our monthly discussion meetup on Saturday, 9/3 at 2pm. The topic will be somewhat meta this month. We will discuss the rationality “movement,” the rationality organizers retreat that I (Todd) went to in July, and what the Chicago Rationality group is even doing.


  • Date: Saturday, 9/3 @ 2pm-4pm
  • Location: South Loop Strength & Conditioning – upstairs in the mezzanine
    645 S Clark
    Chicago IL 60605
    Note: Todd owns this gym so that’s why there’s a Rationality meetup at a gym ๐Ÿ™‚


Since we have folks with a lot of varying backgrounds in terms of being soaked in the Rationality internet brine, so-to-speak, it’s probably useful to revisit some of the classic early Eliezer Yudkowsky writings.

These are referred to as “The Sequences” and are a collection of early blog posts written on Overcoming Bias and LessWrong.

Slate Star Codex/Astral Codex Ten has several “rationality canon” posts as well. Here’s three that come to mind as being particularly worth a read (or a reread if it’s been awhile):

Other readings about Rationality, Rationality communities, scene-building, etc.

Please feel free to come to the meetup even if you donโ€™t do any (or only some) of the suggested reading. These are just starting points to get the discussion going and are by no means required.

Please also feel free to come even if you’re worried it will be awkward, you won’t fit in, or you aren’t the “typical person who comes to a Rationality meetup.” We are welcoming (albeit occasionally argumentative)!

Hope to see you soon!