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Welcome to the homepage for the Chicago Rationality meet-up group. Our group includes people interested in Rationality, Effective Altruism, and more. Many people find us through weird corners of the internet like LessWrong, Slate Star Codex/Astral Codex Ten, Overcoming Bias,  Marginal Revolution, and other Rationalist-adjacent sites.

If you’re interested in hanging out in real life with other people interested in these kinds of ideas, attend our next meet-up! We typically do one “topical” meet-up per month focused on a specific reading suggested by a group member and one “social” meet-up per month with no particular agenda.

It’s ok to come if you’re not sure if you’ll fit in, if you’re not the “typical” kind of person who would attend a meet-up like this, or you’re just kind of intimidated by coming to a new social event. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions as well:

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March 2022 Meetup: When to Believe Smart Outsiders

For our next meetup, we will be discussing when we should believe smart outsiders who make claims that go against expert consensus in a different field. Recent global events have provided lots of examples of people making claims that contradict “the experts.” In some salient cases, these claims have turned

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February 2022 Meetup: Theories of the Rise of Obesity

For this meetup, we’ll be discussing theories explaining the rise in obesity. One such theory is the contamination theory, which proposes that the large increase in obesity seen in the industrialized world since 1950 is largely caused by contaminants in our food and water. There has been a very dramatic increase

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January 2022 Meetup: What Kind of Intelligences are Possible?

In 2011, Eliezer Yudkowsky gave an obscure but fascinating presentation on evolution and “outcome pumps”. It has garnered only 7.8K views on youtube over the last decade [1]. These two processes are examples of optimization systems that can exhibit seemingly intelligent behaviors, yet these behaviors differ radically from human behaviors

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December 2021 Meetup: Rationality and the Real World

This month, we’re going to start with a case study to discuss applying rationality to solve real-world problems and the broader concepts of Systematized Winning[1] and Asymmetric Weapons[2] (see links below). The case study is dealing with the recent congestion at the Long Beach port complex, as discussed in more

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Links and REsources

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