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Welcome to the homepage for the Chicago Rationality meet-up group. Our group includes people interested in Rationality, Effective Altruism, and more. Many people find us through weird corners of the internet like LessWrong, Slate Star Codex/Astral Codex Ten, Overcoming Bias,  Marginal Revolution, and other Rationalist-adjacent sites.

If you’re interested in hanging out in real life with other people interested in these kinds of ideas, attend our next meet-up! We typically do one “topical” meet-up per month focused on a specific reading suggested by a group member and one “social” meet-up per month with no particular agenda.

It’s ok to come if you’re not sure if you’ll fit in, if you’re not the “typical” kind of person who would attend a meet-up like this, or you’re just kind of intimidated by coming to a new social event. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions as well:

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June 2021 Meetup: Fair vs Unfair Inequality

The votes were close, but the topic for June meet-up (6/5 @ 2 PM) will be luck egalitarianism, or more broadly the degree to which justice requires compensating people for, or neutralizing the effects of, luck. Is it important to distinguish between inequalities resulting from unchosen circumstances or “brute luck”

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April 2021 Meetup: Urban Unplanning

We’ll be talking about city planning, including what makes for a good city and how much planning should there actually be (versus organic growth). Here are two readings to facilitate discussion (not required, as usual): Jane Jacobs on cities A Scalable Urban Design and the Single Building City

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September 2020 Meetup: Against Technocracy

This month’s topic is about technocracy, which economist E. Glen Weyl (in the reading) defines as “the view that most of governance and policy should be left to some type of ‘experts’, distinguished by meritocratically-evaluated training in formal methods used to ‘optimize’ social outcomes.” I think this is interesting because,

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Links and REsources

Looking for more internet to read? Curious about what Rationality groups talk about? Want to go go to other meetups in Chicago? Here are some helpful links: