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Welcome to the homepage for the Chicago Rationality meet-up group. Our group includes people interested in Rationality, Effective Altruism, and more. Many people find us through weird corners of the internet like LessWrong, Slate Star Codex/Astral Codex Ten, Overcoming Bias,  Marginal Revolution, and other Rationalist-adjacent sites.

If you’re interested in hanging out in real life with other people interested in these kinds of ideas, attend our next meet-up! We typically do one “topical” meet-up per month focused on a specific reading suggested by a group member and one “social” meet-up per month with no particular agenda.

It’s ok to come if you’re not sure if you’ll fit in, if you’re not the “typical” kind of person who would attend a meet-up like this, or you’re just kind of intimidated by coming to a new social event. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions as well:

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July 2020 Meetup: Modularity and Problem Solving

And here’s the suggested reading (reading any one of these should be sufficient): “The Network Structure of Exploration and Exploitation”from David Lazer and Allan Friedman “Modular structure within groups causes information loss but can improve decision accuracy”from Albert Kao Press release: Two podcasts from SFI discussing these topics: Nicole Creanza

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May 2020 Meetup: Harmful Knowledge

The topic: Is any knowledge inherently harmful, on either an individual or a societal level? The readings:• from Scott Alexander:• from Nick Bostrom:• from Wired, concerning Bostrom: The readings are not limiting factors — participants are encouraged to think Outside the Box™ to come up with possible examples of inherently

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March 2020 Meetup: Democracy as an Epistemic System

Chicago Rationalist—Topic List Archive 1. Is democracy a system which produces pervasive error in our society? i.e. moldbug strikes again ( Should proponents of free markets oppose capitalism? (chapters 4 and 9 of this book: What is an optimal course of action when you encounter a situation in which

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Links and REsources

Looking for more internet to read? Curious about what Rationality groups talk about? Want to go go to other meetups in Chicago? Here are some helpful links: