January 2019 Meetup: Modern Humans’ Quality of Life

1. There feels like a recurring theme in SSC of trying to find meaningful ways to talk about modern humans’ quality of life in general. I’m sure there are more of his essays that address these issues, but here are a few: How bad are things? Would we be

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December 2018 Meetup: Instrumental Rationality

Instrumental/Applied rationality review. Review the first 4 posts from this sequence and review how to apply them. Discussion of what you’ve found useful from them. :

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October 2018 Meetup: Inadequate Equilibria

#1. Meta discussion on a reading about the rationality community itself. see, e.g., this blogpost: #2. Discussion on a reading of fairly general interest regarding rationality (e.g., among obviously many others) #3. Discussion of a more topical post, applying rationality to current events or concerns. (e.g., among

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